TSSM's old yacht yard, the Gröndal Yacht Yard, is situated west from Stockholm city, Sweden, in a bay with a long history concerning yacht building and ship building. In the late 19th century and early 20th the bay was stuffed with factories, forges, yacht yards and woodyards. In 1893 the legendary Swedish constructor August Plym founded Stockholms Båtbyggeriaktiebolag (The Stockholm Yacht Yard), a few hundred meters from our part of the bay. Here he constructed slender yachts like s/y Aziza (1894). In 1904 his yard was destroyed by a fire and moved to Neglinge east from Stockholm.

Our yard was founded in the 1910's, and was originally called Nya Varvet (The New Yacht Yard) which produced yachts like s/y Tintomara, s/y Inga Lill and s/y Arielle (1925). Another yacht, s/y Komet, was partly built here (1919-20).

In 1931 the Nya Varvet was sold to the yacht society Göta Segelsällskap who used it until 1985. Nearby the Nya Varvet an important yacht builder, Hjalmar Jansson, produced yachts until his yard burned down in 1954.

Not far away, at Lövholmen, another famous constructor had his office - CG Pettersson, known for making neat motor yachts in the earliest decades of the 20th century. Many of his boats were built at Lövholmsvarvet, but also at Jansson's yard and the Nya Varvet.


Ship yards and yacht yards in the Liljeholmen Bay

(1) is the Bergsund Ship Yard, picture at www.angelfire.com/sd2/sodermalm/hogalid/bergsund1.jpg. (2) is August Plym's Stockholm Yacht Yard, picture at www.virgula.se/liljeholmen.jpg. (3) is the Lövholmen Ship Yard, picture at www.lansmuseum.a.se/industri/visabild.cfm?in_bildnr=sjoh04&in_serie=33 (4) is our yard, still remaining on site, and (5) is Jansson's Yacht Yard, picture here. A nice example of a surviving boat built at Jansson's in the 1930's is m/y Allegro.


After housing in the Gröndal yacht yard since 1931, the Göta Sailing Yacht Society moved out in '85. This was when The Skeppsmyran Wooden Yacht Society (Träbåtssällskapet Skeppsmyran - TSSM) was founded; in order to work for wooden yacht maintenance and sailing; but quite as much for preserving the old yard itself. Our yacht yard is a unique reminicence of the shed-town for small industry and craft that used to crowd the Stockholm shorelines through centuries.

Our society's prime focus are smaller sport-, leisure-, and working boats/yachts of the 19th and 20th centuries. Wiewed from an international perspective Scandinavia is a goldmine concerning preserved old wooden yachts, thanks to the brackish water of the Baltic Sea and our hard winters forcing us to bring our boats up on shore seven months a year. We Scandinavians carry a very special responsibility of preserving this historic treasure.

Through these last 20 years, several yachts have been restored and repaired at our yard. The basic idea with our society is that yacht owners from other societies can become members and get the opportunity of keeping their yachts at the yard for some time, getting a chance to repair their boats indoors using our machines. Another great opportunity is that everyone involved with the yard is sharing know-how, making our place a considerable source of knowledge.

Both smaller as well as larger projects have come and gone through our doors through the years, among them several Plym yachts like Sassan (1914), Aziza (1894), Asta (1899) and Nora (1909). Other older boats involved with the society are the steam launch Tyn, built in 1890, and the tug boat Torsten (1895). Torsten is made of steel, OK, but the restoration was made here anyway. At least it's not a fiber glass boat ;-).

Anders Söderberg; webmaster, The Skeppsmyran Wooden Yacht Society


The steam launch "Tyn", restored at TSSM by Tomas and Ylva Blomström.


Yacht building at the Nya Varvet in the twenties. From the Swedish yachting magazine Till Rors no 10, 1925.


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